Sacred and Profane Love

Sacred and Profane Love

Friday, 2 January 2015


Welcome to my blog about the Sacred and Profane Love. I have been bowled over by ill health and am now back editing this site and am again working on delivering the best presentation for the Birth of Venus by Botticelli. I found it necessary to stop taking comments on here regarding the Sacred and Profane Love as I am not prepared to encourage off the wall idiocy in an area that is obviously stimulating to minds that are circularly absorbed in the complexities of complexities and to that end alone. So there... To any students out there I apologise but everything you need to draw your own conclusions is outlined here. Px.

Suggested introductions to this sites several analyses of the Sacred and Profane Love are:

Discusses the classical and archetypal identities of the three figures at the sarcophagus/fountain, as well as the fountain itself - the original, visual source, the geometric confirmation and philosophical raison d'etre. 
Perhaps still the most important post of this site. 
The Zodiacal Metaphors unveil the zodiacal references 
hidden within the Sacred and Profane Love.

Unravelling the Geometry & Locating the Heptagram (link)

The heptagram was employed by the Italians Cimabue (1240/50-1302?) Duccio (1255-1318), Giotto (1266/67-1337) Fra Angelico (1400-1455) and importantly marks the Sacred and Profane Love as a religious work belonging to an elite fraternity which sees the heptagram as a form of geometric mysticism invested by the artist.


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